How Much Is Your Pain and Suffering Worth?

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Unlike economic damages, things like pain and suffering are highly subjective and can be very different when calculated by an insurance company vs when they are calculated by your attorney. When you are in a car accident in Missouri, you are generally entitled to both economic and non-economic damages. If you are wondering how much … Read more

St. Louis Among Most Dangerous Cities for Drivers

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Insurance companies often rank these cities as “high risk” areas, meaning you’re statistically more likely to be involved in a traffic accident or auto theft if you live there. If you live in one of these four cities, you could actually be paying more for auto insurance. Why? Insurance companies often rank these cities as … Read more

Are Small Cars More Dangerous?

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When making the decision about which is more important – gas efficiency or safety – it is best to consider all factors. If you are considering purchasing a new car for either yourself or your teenager in Missouri, you might be looking into smaller, more gas-efficient models. One thing that you have to take into … Read more