3 Dangerous Car Accidents Involving Bikes You Should Be Aware Of

Let’s examine the top three most common types of car accidents involving bicycles in St Louis and what you can do to prevent them.

What are the common types of car vs. bicycle accidents? It’s the kind of question you’ve probably not given much thought to before, but actually, the answers could help you and other bicycle enthusiasts stay safe on the road. Let’s examine the top three most common types of car accidents involving bicycles in St Louis.

bike on the street involved in an accident

1. The Right Hook

Right hook accidents are extremely dangerous and can lead to life-altering injuries and, in extreme cases, death.

How does a right hook accident happen? Generally, a right hook accident occurs when a motor vehicle makes a right turn at an intersection and hits a cyclist riding on its right side. That said, most right hook accidents happen when:

  • A driver passes a bicyclist moving in the same direction and makes a right turn.
  • A bicyclist passes a car on the right, only for the driver to forget to check their blind spot and hit the rider when turning right.
  • Both the bicycle and car are waiting at a traffic right, then the driver runs right into the bicycle when the light changes to green.
  • When a bicyclist is hit by the back wheel of a commercial truck making a right turn.

These accidents are preventable if drivers avoid distractions and yield the right of the way to cyclists.

2. Screened Left Cross

This is another common accident affecting bicyclists in St Louis. It usually occurs when a cyclist is hit by a vehicle entering the intersection from the opposite direction. To keep safe from these accidents, move a little bit to the left to allow the waiting driver to see you. Additionally, never make the mistake of thinking you’re safe because you have the right of way. Most importantly, always be ready to make an evasive maneuver if the situation calls for one.

3. Dooring 

Dooring bicycle accident happens when a motorist opens their vehicle door into the path of an unsuspecting bicyclist, causing them to run into the open door or swerve into the path of another car.

Dooring accidents can lead to serious injuries, including face damage, traumatic brain injuries, or permanent spinal damage. To avoid dooring accidents, it’s advisable to ride your bike outside of the door zone. Another possible solution to the problem is for drivers to ensure they check their surroundings thoroughly before opening a car door.

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Updated: December 1, 2021