St. Louis Car Accident Leg Injuries

According to reports by the United States Department of Transportation, almost 40% of frontal car crashes end up with the driver or passengers suffering some type of leg injury.

The design of the car can facilitate these injuries, especially for those in the front seats, where the steering wheel and dashboard are. 

leg injury after a St. Louis Car Accident

Leg injuries can vary in severity and time of recovery, from minor sprains to other life-threatening injuries. It’s important to be aware that you can have leg injuries and still walk on your own after the accident. This doesn’t mean that you can skip your doctor’s appointment. No matter how well you feel immediately after, get checked by your GP. 

Here are some of the most common leg injuries sustained in a car accident.

Soft Tissue Injuries

If the victim’s legs are hit by blunt objects or bump really hard into the car’s dashboard, soft tissues can be damaged. These types of injuries include nerve damage, muscle tears, and sprains, tendon inflammation, tears, and fissures, etc. 


Since legs take up so much space in a car and squeeze in between many parts of the interior, they can be scraped, perforated, scratched or cut easily. Lacerations are broken skin wounds that can lead to serious bleeding, infections or even limited function of the leg. 

Crush Injuries

Your legs can get trapped under the dashboard, car seats or steering wheel column, while the car is so damaged that it contorts. This can cause crush injuries like splintered bones, broken blood vessels, bruising or nerve damage. 

Bone Fractures

Some of the most common leg injuries are bone fractures. They can be closed or open, uncomplicated or multiple fractures that require surgery. Car accidents are associated with femur fractures. Because this is the biggest and strongest bone in your body, you should seek emergency medical help if you suspect a fracture. 

Knee Injuries

Our knees are the most complex joints in our bodies. Unfortunately, they are prone to injury and recovery is known to be long and difficult. Some common knee injuries are broken meniscus, torn ligaments (ACL, for instance), or knee bursitis. 


Some of the most severe car accidents involve leg amputations. The leg can suffer so much damage that it cannot be saved anymore, and amputation is the only chance for the victim to survive.

Work With a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

As you can see, leg injuries are quite often serious. They involve big blood vessels, big bones and the limbs that we use every day for walking and other routine activities. Leg injuries can lower one’s quality of life, which is why a car accident claim should include all the types of damage inflicted by the accident.

We highly recommend hiring a St. Louis car accident lawyer to handle leg injury cases, as they can last for many months and involve a lot of factors until a settlement is reached or the case goes to court.

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