3 Things You Should Avoid Saying After a Car Accident

What you say after a car accident has the potential to jeopardize your claim, even if you weren’t at fault for the accident.

Getting involved in a car accident can be pretty frightening and traumatizing. Car accidents happen in the blink of an eye; one moment, you’re cruising smoothly on the highway, the next moment, you may wake up on a hospital bed. If you’re fortunate enough to be conscious, it’s likely hard to think straight with so much going on around you. If you’re not careful, you might unknowingly say something that could ruin your chances of receiving fair compensation.

This article will highlight a couple of things you should never say after a car crash. That’s because saying these things could jeopardize your claim, even if you aren’t at fault for the accident.

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Quick Reminder: Missouri Is an At-Fault State

It’s important to keep in mind that Missouri is an at-fault state. This means that the at-fault party must pay for all the injuries and damages resulting from the accident. 

Saying something that might be construed as an admission of liability will not only jeopardize your ability to get reimbursement for injuries sustained, you’ll also be held responsible for the other parties’ injuries and damages.

What You Shouldn’t Say After an Accident

With that out of the way, let’s look at a couple of things you shouldn’t say after a car accident.

I’m Sorry

Apologizing seems like the responsible thing to do after an accident. However, in an accident, saying “I’m sorry” can easily be interpreted to mean, “I’m the one to blame, so please forgive me for my actions.” Regardless of your pure intentions, most insurers interpret “I’m sorry” as admitting fault, so do your best to resist the urge to apologize even when under pressure.

That Was My Fault” or “My Bad

Saying the accident was your fault is a direct admission of liability. Understandably your mind might be whirring after an accident, but never, under any circumstances, explicitly admit fault.

Saying that it was your fault isn’t the only phrase that admits fault; other admissions of fault include saying:

  • “My bad.”
  • “You came out of nowhere.”
  • “I didn’t see you.”
  • “It was too foggy.”

I’m Not Hurt

Never say you’re okay or not hurt, even if there is no pain or visible injuries. Keep in mind; some injuries like whiplash or concussions take a few days or weeks to surface. Saying you’re not hurt could ruin your chances of getting compensation for any delayed injuries. 

Let Your Attorney Do The Talking

It’s easy to say the wrong things in the commotion that follows after an accident. However, even in your dazed state, avoid uttering the words discussed above. An even better alternative is to keep quiet and let an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney do the talking for you. 

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Updated: July 19, 2021