4 Tips For Taking Photos After an Auto Accident

Here are four crucial tips that will help you obtain useful photos after a car accident.

You likely already understand the importance of taking photos after a car accident. Not only will your insurance company want this documentation, but it will also help you and your St. Louis auto accident lawyer in a potential personal injury case. Of course, the pictures have to meet a few requirements if you want them to be useful to you. In this article, we will present four tips for taking photos after a car accident.

taking a photo after a car accident

How Pictures Strengthen Your Case

If another driver or third party admits to being at fault for the crash, then much of your work is already taken care of. Unfortunately, this case is somewhat rare, as drivers often have a different perspective or choose to outright lie about what happened in the collision. What pictures can do is break you out of this gridlock by confirming that your story is correct.

The Camera in Your Pocket

A couple of decades ago, obtaining photos after a crash was nearly impossible, unless you just so happened to carry around a camera on a regular basis. As a result, those involved in car accidents would instead either skip this task or let the police take care of it. In the modern world, almost every one of us has a powerful camera in our pockets. Even those without smartphones will likely have a photo that is capable of taking pictures.

The 4 Tips You Need to Know About

Now, onto the four crucial tips that will help you obtain useful photos.

Capture the Damage – First, you’ll want to take pictures of every car involved. The reason is that property damage will play a role in your eventual compensation, so it is important to get an accurate idea of it. Next, snap a photo of any visible injuries you sustained, as those can prove the legitimacy of your medical expenses.

Don’t Forget About the Surrounding Scene – One mistake that many drivers make is not taking photos beyond themselves and their cars. What they should do instead is get pictures of the surrounding area. A few typical examples are skid marks on the ground, traffic signs in the area, and the weather.

Obtain Many Angles and Distances – You never know what your lawyer or accident reconstructionist will want later on in your case. For this reason, your best bet is taking photos at many angles and distances. While they might all look the same to you, they could be very different in the eyes of an expert.

Store Photos Securely – Lastly, make sure you don’t lose your photos. The best way to avoid this trap is storing them on a cloud-based platform.


Speak With an Attorney 24/7

Though you might feel like sitting back and letting the professionals take care of things after your car accident, this strategy is not advisable. The reason is that the police might miss something that you would not have, and your personal injury case can suffer as a result. Instead, if possible, take as many photos as you can.

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Updated: July 12, 2021