5 Common Car Seat Mistakes You Should Avoid to Keep Your Child Safe

It is always important to ensure your child’s safety every time you travel with them. One important way you can do this is by avoiding these mistakes.

Tragically, 608 child passengers (aged 12 and younger) died in motor vehicle crashes in 2019 alone.

It is always important to ensure your child’s safety every time you travel with them. The good news is, you can do so by investing in a car seat. However, you must also ensure you are using the car seat correctly. Here are five common car seat mistakes to avoid that could compromise your child’s safety.

child being put in a car seat

1. Failing to Use a Booster Seat

A booster seat keeps your child safe after they have outgrown the car seat. It lifts your child and allows the seat belt to run across their chest rather than their belly. This keeps them safe from life-ending seat belt syndrome in the event of an accident. If your child has grown out of their car seat, be sure to invest in a new booster seat until they are old enough to use a seat belt.

2. Using a Second-Hand Car Seat

While buying a second-hand car seat may be tempting, it is generally not a good idea! Most car seats can only be used for a certain period, after which their components may be unsafe for your child.

Additionally, a used car seat might have been in an accident and may not be fit for use. Unfortunately, you often cannot tell whether a car set is damaged just by looking at it. Buying a new car seat is the best way to ensure it meets safety requirements before your child uses it.

3. Failing to Tighten the Harness Strap

A harness holds your child in place and minimizes the potential of debilitating injuries during an auto collision. They also help evenly distribute the accident’s impact over your child’s strong bones to avoid injuries to the most delicate body parts.

4. Using Aftermarket Car Seat Accessories

There’s a common belief that aftermarket car seat accessories such as a support pillow, shoulder pads, or toys can make your child’s road experience safer and more comfortable. But is this true? Most aftermarket accessories are not tested and regulated to work with your car seat. If anything, they may interfere with the car seat manufacturer’s instructions and could minimize the car seat’s effectiveness.

5. Not Having the Car Seat Inspected by a Certified Expert

After installing your car seat, it’s recommended to book a free appointment with a certified expert. A car seat specialist will be able to pinpoint installation mistakes that could expose your child to tragic injuries.

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Updated: October 25, 2021