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7 Mistakes Teen Drivers Make That Can Lead to Car Accidents

Most teens in the US are eager to start their driving training and get their license. The minimum driving age with an unrestricted license in the United States is around 16-17 years old. This age usually coincides with big challenges specific to that age. Driving is most certainly influenced by the way teens socialize and spend their time.

Because this age group has such specific characteristics, it’s important to know what are the most common mistakes made by teen drivers and how to avoid them.

Forgetting the Rules of the Road

Because the rules are so fresh in their mind, teen drivers might have trouble remembering them. Rules are meant to make everybody on the road predictable to others and avoid collisions. Teens should make a habit out of recapping the rules of the road, making them more embedded in their minds.

Not Taking Proper Care of Their Car

Proper car maintenance is very important in minimizing accident risks. Teens are known to neglect car maintenance, because of forgetfulness, lack of money or other reasons. Adults should double-check if their teens are taking care of their car, and intervene when necessary.


One of the age-specific mistakes teens make is to take risks that are too high. Risk-taking and impulsiveness are part of teenage behavior, which is why driving schools and parents should insist on explaining consequences and giving teens other ways of manifesting their impulses.

Drowsy Driving

Studying late, attending social events or just being a teen can make sleeping difficult. Sleep problems are common in teens, and their daily activities are not always scheduled to fit their delayed sleep. Because of this, many teens are tempted or forced to drive when tired, which increases the risk of accidents.


One way teens manifest their love for the thrill is by driving fast. Sometimes, teens are given powerful cars that should be driven by more experienced persons. This can easily result in speeding. Combined with the lack of experience and the low reaction speed of beginner drivers, it can be deadly.

Using Their Mobile Devices While Driving

Teens use smartphones a lot to communicating and engaging with each other. Unfortunately, they are tempted to do so while driving. There are plenty of road safety apps that can limit the functions on mobile devices while the car is moving.

Having a Lot of Passengers at Once

Driving around with their friends is part of the fun of having a car. But having too many passengers in the car can be a major distraction for the driver, and can limit visibility for them. Teens should be firm in setting some rules when it comes to their car and how many passengers they have at once.

Driving is, indeed, a big milestone for any individual. To prevent fatal crashes and severe injuries, teens should be educated about the risks involved in driving a car, and what to do to minimize them.

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident, then the at-fault driver is responsible for paying compensation. Get in touch with a St. Louis car accident lawyer and let them review your case.

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