9 Things to Do After a St. Louis Uber Car Accident

Here are some general steps to take if you are ever involved in an automobile accident with a St. Louis Uber driver.

Where car accidents are concerned, Missouri is a comparative fault state. This means that if all parties involved are partially responsible for the incident, then they are all liable for damages. Liability is based on the extent of each party’s fault.

This law generally applies to ridesharing car accidents as well. Therefore, if an Uber driver is at-fault, then his insurance company will generally be liable to shoulder the damages. Fortunately, the company pitches in if its driver is under-insured. If you have been involved in a St. Louis uber accident it’s a very good idea to discuss the specifics of your claim with a knowledgeable Uber accident lawyer.

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What to Do After a Car Accident Involving an Uber Driver

In many ways, Uber drivers are just like every other driver. As such, they are subject to the same human errors that lead to car accidents. Sometimes, they are even more vulnerable to making mistakes if ridesharing is their part-time job in addition to a full-time job. In an effort to make more money they may even ignore certain traffic rules like speed limits.

These are the steps to take if you are ever involved in an automobile accident with an Uber driver:

1. Turn off your car engine until you establish the extent of damage your vehicle sustained. If there is a gas leak, a running engine can spark a fire.

2. Call the police. As a precautionary measure, store emergency numbers on your cell phone. Don’t wait until an accident like this happens.

3. Survey the scene for property damage and injuries. When either or both are present, exchange the following information with the other driver: Name, address, driver’s license number, vehicle identification numbers, insurance company name, and insurance policy number. Provide all of these to the police when they arrive.

4. Do not admit fault, but maintain politeness towards the other driver.

5. If possible, speak with eyewitnesses and get their contact information.

6. Take pictures of the scene from as many angles as possible.

7. Write a summary of the incident, including pertinent details like street names, estimated times, and traffic flow.

8. Call your insurance company or agent immediately to report the accident.

9. Speak with an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Filing a Claim

If you are not responsible for the accident, you don’t need to file a claim with your own insurer. All damages, including medical bills if you are injured and car repair or replacement, should be paid for by the other driver’s insurer.

Therefore, your next step would be to file a claim with the insurance company. If you did your due diligence in collecting all the information enumerated above and work with an experienced attorney, you have a good chance of receiving the compensation you are entitled to.

If you sustained serious injury and vehicular damage, you should be compensated for all the expenses entailed. However, insurance companies are notorious for playing hardball. Again, this is another reason working with an attorney is the course of wisdom.

Our experienced Uber accident lawyers are ready and available to help you get the amount you deserve. We offer a free consultation so you can decide how to proceed.

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Updated: December 9, 2020