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Are You Required to Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Missouri?

Drivers in Missouri are required to carry different types of auto insurance policies, and some may wonder if all of them are really necessary.

In other words, what type of insurance do you actually need in Missouri?

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The Two Main Types of Auto Insurance

There are two auto insurance policies all Missouri drivers are required to carry. The first is the standard auto insurance, which protects you in case you get into a car accident. This will cover your own medical costs, as well as pay for any damages you’ve created if you are at-fault for the accident.

The other type of insurance is one some drivers may think is not as necessary as the first: the uninsured motorist insurance. This type of policy kicks in when you are in a car accident with another driver who does not have any auto insurance, as well as in a situation where the at-fault driver flees the scene (known as a hit and run offense).

Many believe that because auto insurance is mandatory in the state, then there is no real need for this type of insurance. Plus, the chances of becoming the victim of a hit and run are also rather low, right?

However, it’s not exactly true. For one thing, an estimated 14% of Missouri drivers do not have auto insurance at all, either because their policy expired, or they are driving without a valid driver’s license (you need proof of insurance to renew your license in the state). An AAA Foundation report found that 30 people have been killed during a hit and run in Missouri in 2016, and that’s not accounting for the number of cases where the accident resulted in injuries or property damage.

These Policies Are Non-Negotiable

The standard auto insurance and the uninsured motorist coverage are mandatory in the state, and failing to carry them can result in a fine or even a suspended license.

However, as you can see, even if they were not mandatory, it still would have been a good idea to carry both these protections, as you never know who you will encounter on a Missouri road.

There are, of course, other types of insurance policies that may increase your protection in the event of a car accident. For instance, uninsured motorist coverage does not cover property damage, so if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver and need to pay for car repairs, this policy will not cover it. You may be able to cover these costs through your standard policy and an additional insurance policy to protect your vehicle.

Should You Speak With an Attorney?

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Updated: May 27, 2020