Can You Correct a Police Report That Contains Errors After a St. Louis Auto Accident?

What happens if the police report of your St. Louis auto accident contains errors? Do you have a right to correct them?

A car accident is almost always followed by a car accident claim since personal or property damage occurs in most crashes. In determining liability and calculating the settlement for the victim, the police report from the scene of the accident is often one of the most crucial pieces of evidence.

But what happens when such an important document contains errors? Correcting a police report that contains errors is not only doable; it should be pursued.

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Types of Errors a Police Report May Contain

First, it’s crucial to determine what kind of errors were made. The most critical distinction between the different types of errors is based on facts versus statements.

Factual errors are the easiest to correct since they refer to undisputable information, such as names, details about the type of vehicles involved, the date and time of the accident, insurance information, or location. Proving that the real information is different from what got into the report is quite simple, and it’s done with the necessary documentation.

Disputable information, on the other hand, can be tough to correct in a police report. Things someone has said, conflicting information was given by an eye-witness, contrary statements from different drivers, suspicion of liability can damage your case. Because it was a police officer who documented these errors, they might disagree with your side of the story and insist that the report is accurate.

What to Do If the Police Report Contains Mistakes

The most crucial step to take when noticing mistakes in the police report is to send the agency a request for correction in writing. Be concise and formal, and explain how the information included in the report is not accurate. If needed, attach documents proving the discrepancy.

Depending on the impact this mistake can have on the case, the police officer who wrote the report may or may not solve your request. If needed, you may need to go to their superior and send more notifications in writing, mentioning any lack of communication or hostility on the officer’s part.

Work with a St. Louis Auto Accident Attorney

Speak with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Whether the report will be changed or not depends entirely on you, but reaching out and requesting a correction is the first and most crucial step.

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