Common Mistakes Motorcyclists Make That Lead to St. Louis Auto Accidents

Many St. Louis motorcycle accidents are avoidable if motorcycle riders take the proper precautions while riding their bikes.

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you may feel there’s nothing quite like hitting the open road on two wheels. Unfortunately, however, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with motorcycles. In fact, motorcycle riders are 29 times more likely to die in a vehicle crash than people inside other vehicles.

Many motorcycle accidents are avoidable if motorcycle riders take the proper precautions while riding their bikes. Let’s discuss a few common mistakes motorcyclists make that often lead to accidents.

st. louis motorcyclist on the road

Approaching Corners Too Fast

This is a mistake that almost always leads to an accident. The faster a motorcyclist rides their motorcycle, the harder it is for them to control it. This is especially true for hard corners where the motorcycle can skid out of control and cause an accident.

Motorcyclists must ensure they slow down appropriately when making sharp turns. They should also avoid hitting the brakes too hard, or the bike will skid off even further away from the road.

Failing to Turn Off Your Turn Signal

Forgetting to cancel your turn signal seems like a simple mistake, but it’s an accident waiting to happen. Keeping your turn signal on can mislead the vehicle trailing behind you. Thinking you’re turning in the other direction, the driver might turn in the direction you’re heading and collide with your motorcycle.

Trying to Ride Their Motorcycles Everywhere

This is another mistake that’s dangerous and detrimental to the motorcycle. Most motorcycles are designed to ride on smooth pavements like asphalt roads. As such, they tend to struggle on rocky terrains and even sandy areas.

Riding your motorcycle on rough terrain may prove disastrous, especially if you’re on the wrong type of motorcycle. Certain motorcycles are made to handle rugged and slippery terrain, while others are not.

Regardless of what you saw on TV or social media, it’s generally best to stick to normal paved roads.

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