How a Truck Drivers Health Can Lead to a St. Louis Truck Accident

Even with federal laws in place, you may still find a driver with poor health behind the wheel of a truck.

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Trucks drivers often need to exert more caution on the road than drivers of passenger vehicles. Tt all has to do with the size of the truck.

Because a truck so large, it’s also a lot more difficult to handle – a truck needs a lot of extra space to perform certain actions like turning, and it has about 4 blind spots passenger car driver should always avoid. However, truck accidents do happen, and when they involve a truck, the impact often leaves extreme consequences.

It’s not an exaggeration to say then that if a truck driver isn’t 100% focused when they are behind the wheel, then everyone on the road is in danger. One instance where a truck driver wouldn’t be totally focused on the road would be if their health wouldn’t allow for it.

How a Driver’s Health Is Relevant

Because they are operating such heavy vehicles, federal law imposes certain regulations on how the truck driver must behave on the road. Drivers are also required to be examined by a physician who will determine if the driver is fit for this activity or not.

Some health issues should automatically stop the truck driver from getting cleared to operate the truck:

  • Hearing issues – it’s vital to be completely aware of your surroundings when driving a truck, and even partial loss of hearing affects that;
  • Vision issues – because trucks are harder to manipulate, the driver must have good eyesight;
  • High blood pressure – high blood pressure typically means a person is at a higher risk of having a heart attack. If the heart attack happens while behind the wheel, the driver would likely lose control of the truck;
  • Diabetes – some people suffering from diabetes are more likely to have seizures or faint;
  • Epilepsy – during an epileptic fit, the person is no longer in control or their body. 

These health restrictions are made to keep everyone safe on the roads. Drivers with poor health can potentially lose control of the truck, and end up in a very big collision.

Even with federal laws in place, you may still find a driver with poor health behind the wheel of a truck.

What You Should Do

If you were in a car accident involving a truck, and the driver was suffering from some health condition that should have prevented them from getting behind the wheel, then you may be entitled to compensation.

The most likely at-fault party in this scenario is the trucking company who knowingly allowed the driver to continue their duty in spite of their condition. It’s unlikely that the company was unaware of the driver’s condition, but if the driver did indeed hide their condition from their employer, then you may be able to recover damages directly from the driver.

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