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How Knee Injuries After a Car Accident Can Impact Quality of Life

Knee injuries are some of the most painful types of injuries someone can sustain, and some of the most common.

There are a number of different injuries one can sustain after a car accident, and while some might not be considered life-threatening, they are in no way less severe.

Knee injuries, for instance, are some of the most painful types of injuries someone can sustain, and some of the most common, according to some studies. Unfortunately, they are also the kind of damage that can have lasting effects on the human body and impact your quality of life. If you’ve sustained this type of injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to a St. Louis car accident attorney as soon as possible.

st. louis man with knee injury after car accident

How Can Knee Injuries Affect Quality of Life?

Your active lifestyle depends greatly on the health of your legs, particularly the knees that allow you to be mobile. If the knee is injured and can no longer give you that mobility, then your social and professional life may suffer greatly.

These injuries can prevent you to take part in the activities you once enjoyed, and even force you to quit your job and find something more suited for your condition. Sometimes, these effects are temporary, and many car accident victims heal completely after a suitable treatment and, perhaps, some physical therapy. However for the less fortunate cases, these injuries can force a person to change their lifestyle for good.

What Can You Do?

Many types of knee injuries can require expensive medical treatment. If you’ve also lost your job because of it, then you’re likely considering your options.

According to Missouri law, one option you have is getting compensation from the driver that caused the car accident and, as a result, your injuries. Most of these cases are handled through an insurance claim filed with the other driver’s insurance company, where you’ll submit evidence of your injuries, medical records, and proof that the other driver is liable to receive compensation.

It’s best to work with an experienced car accident lawyer for further assistance. They can help you file the claim, decide on how much to ask, and negotiate a settlement with the insurance company to make sure what you get is enough to give you some financial comfort during these trying times.

Depending on your injuries, you may also be entitled to disability benefits, even if your doctor estimated you’ll make a full recovery in the future. However, if your injury prevents you from work, these benefits are meant to help you get by during your treatment, and will not impact the personal injury claim in any way.

Speak With a Car Injury Lawyer

Knee injuries caused by car accidents can change your life altogether. If this happens, you do not have to bear the cost of treatment alone. The at-fault party is liable for compensation. Speak with a St. Louis auto accident lawyer to see how you can get these benefits.

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Updated: July 12, 2021