St. Louis Auto Accidents Caused by Driving With Loud Music

Let’s consider the dangerous effects of driving with loud music and why you should avoid it.

On the surface, listening to loud music while driving may seem like harmless fun. However, driving with loud music is dangerous and even illegal in some states. Most of these areas term driving with loud music as distracted driving, and rightly so.

Let’s consider the dangerous effects of driving with loud music and why you should avoid it.

Searching for Music

Imagine you’re listening to your favorite track on the playlist, then it ends and switches to another track. Naturally, you may want to reach over to change the track to one that you prefer. Unfortunately, this takes your attention away from the road as you fumble with the car stereo to change the music.

Daydreaming and Euphoria

It’s common for music to invoke suppressed emotions or treasured memories in listeners. This is okay if you’re at home relaxing, but it can be dangerous if you are driving. That’s because the wave of emotions and memories may trigger distracting daydreams.

Because the music is so loud, it’s easy for it to take over the driver’s attention. Sometimes drivers can get fixated on a specific item on the road while lost in thought. This is extremely dangerous and can result in a car crash.

Inability to Hear Emergency Vehicles

Vehicles on the road are expected to pave the way for ambulances and other emergency vehicles when they raise their sirens. However, the loud music may drown out the siren, making drivers unaware of emergency vehicles.

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Updated: January 27, 2022