St. Louis Car Accidents Caused by Flooded Roads

From hidden road conditions to hydroplaning, here is what every driver needs to know about the potential for a car accident due to flooded roads.

As the weather changes and rain falls, drivers face an increased risk of encountering flooded roads. Because these roads can be a challenge to traverse, there are several dangers you should be aware of. From hidden road conditions to hydroplaning, here is what every driver needs to know about navigating flooded roads. 

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car driving on a flooded road

Hidden Road Conditions

Flooded roads can conceal damaged roadways beneath the water’s surface. Potholes, cracks, and other road deformities could lurk below the surface of the water, making it difficult for drivers to adjust their speed or maneuver around them without hitting them and potentially getting in accidents. It’s important to be extra cautious when driving on flooded roads by paying attention to the terrain as much as possible and reducing your speed to minimize any potential risk.

Downed Wires

When traveling through a flood zone, drivers should also be mindful of downed wires. Exposed wires can carry electricity through the water and present a serious hazard if they come into contact with your vehicle or you. If you encounter any downed wires in a flood zone, stay away from them at all costs and alert authorities immediately so that they can handle the situation safely. 


Driving too fast on wet surfaces increases the risk of hydroplaning, which occurs when a thin layer of water builds up between your tires and the roadway, causing your car to lose traction with the pavement and slide out of control. To avoid hydroplaning, reduce your speed significantly when driving on wet surfaces and avoid hard braking or turning sharply whenever possible, as this can cause your tires to lose even more traction with the ground. 

Additionally, ensure that your tires are properly inflated, as this helps keep them gripping onto wet pavement instead of slipping across it due to insufficient pressure in each tire’s air chamber. 

Stalling The Engine

Driving through deep pools of standing water can also cause your engine to stall due to inadequate airflow reaching its spark plugs or fuel injectors if it becomes submerged too deeply in water. If it fails repeatedly, seek professional help immediately, as this could signify serious engine damage that may require repairs before you can drive again safely.  

Of course, these are not the only dangers associated with flooded roads, but they’re the most common. It’s never worth taking chances around water; it’s far better to be safe than sorry.

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Updated: May 2, 2023