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St. Louis Road Construction Car Accidents

Roads under construction can often impose greater risk on both drivers and workers.

Ideally, you’d want to avoid these roads while the crewmembers are doing their jobs, but sometimes it is inevitable. If you have to commute daily, and the only road available is the one under construction, then the risk can be even greater.

Here is what you need to know about potential road construction accidents, and who can be held liable in case of an accident. For more details about your case, you should contact a St. Louis car injury lawyer.

What Are the Risks?

1. Limited Exits

When a road is under construction, then there are certain measures that must be taken to ensure the safety of the drivers, as well as the crew present on the road. One of these precautions is limiting the number of road exits, which can potentially slow traffic down considerably. If anyone ignores these blocked exits and tries to cut traffic, it could result in a collision.

2. Signage Issues

The areas under construction should be properly marked so that drivers know what is up ahead. However, these signs can sometimes be misplaced, or not entirely visible for drivers. One mistake in signage could increase the possibility of a car accident if the driver is taken by surprise and panics.

3. Debris, Uneven pavement, other Road Issues

The cause of the accident could be a mistake by the crew itself, such as causing an uneven pavement or leaving debris on the road that could come into contact with vehicles and make the drivers lose control.

Who Pays?

In these cases, you’ll need to first identify the responsible party. It can be the crew, the construction company, a governmental institution, or other drivers on the road.

In Missouri, multiple parties could be held responsible for the accident. This means you could be found partially at-fault as well.

However, the process for getting compensated is rather different, depending on the at-fault party.

For instance, if you seek compensation from another driver, then the process will most likely go through their insurance company. Typically with the help of an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney will file the injury claim and negotiate a settlement with the adjuster. When companies or public entities are liable, the matters are generally more complex, and it’s very likely to have to go to trial in order to receive compensation.

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If you were involved in a car accident which took place on a road under construction, your best options for identifying the liable party, and receiving compensation is
by working with a St. Louis car injury attorney. They can start their investigation into the event and recommend the best course of action to take for receiving support to cover your costs.

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Updated: July 12, 2021