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What Medical Treatment is Covered by Insurance in a Car Accident Claim?

A car accident can have numerous consequences on someone’s life, from damaging your property to leaving you with a series of injuries you must recover from. Injuries in car accidents are usually not to be ignored, as they can be quite severe or get worse in time if left untreated.

However, when modern medicine doesn’t seem to help, especially when it comes to chronic pain after a car accident injury, some people are turning to alternative options. One of the questions our clients ask us is if compensation covers homeopathic treatment.

Why You Should Always See a Doctor After a Car Accident

Because a car accident involves many unpredictable forces that impact your body, there’s no way of telling if you are badly hurt or not, especially immediately after the crash. Your body releases adrenaline during stressful events like car accidents and that can fool you into thinking that you’re ok and no significant harm was done. Internal injuries can be severe and lead to complications if they are not identified in time.

We have mentioned these facts because it’s imperative to go see a doctor after you’ve been in a car accident. Not only to make sure that you don’t have any hidden injuries but also because medical documentation will serve as hard evidence in your car accident claim.

Compensation for Medical Treatment after a Car Accident

A car accident can have numerous consequences that change your daily life, and they often imply unplanned costs. If you were injured as a result of another driver’s negligence, then you can claim compensation from their insurance company.

Note that the insurance company will require medical documentation that proves the extent of your injuries, what treatment is needed and for how long.

There are several possible types of medical treatments that will be covered by the insurance company. However, homeopathy is generally not one of them.

Homeopathy is considered to be part of alternative medicine treatments that do not have scientific support from the medical community. Along with acupuncture, naturopathy, and other alternative treatments, it will be disregarded by the insurance company and paid for with smaller amounts than allopath medicine would receive.

Even if your homeopathic treatment is recommended by an M.D., if it is provided beyond the doctor’s control it will most likely not be covered by the insurance company. If you do opt for homeopathic or other alternative treatments, expect to pay them from your own pocket or to cover most of their cost. They are generally disregarded by insurance companies and will be valued less when the settlement calculations are done.

Our advice is to see an M.D. and follow their instructions and treatment plans, as they will increase the settlement value of your injury claim. Consult with a St. Louis auto accident lawyer too since they can help you figure out the best course of action for your case.

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Updated: January 27, 2020