4 Common “Invisible” Injuries Car Accidents Can Cause

Most people tend to think car accidents leave visible marks on the human body: scars, bruises, tears, etc. But that’s not always the case.

st. louis man with traumatic brain injury

After a car accident, a lot of people will inspect their bodies and if they do not see anything wrong, they mistakenly assume everything is fine. Except, there are many types of injuries car accidents can cause, and not all of them are visible to the naked eye.

Here are some common types of invisible injuries:


A TBI (traumatic brain injury) can be a fatal injury if left unchecked. People assume that TBIs are caused when something penetrated the skull and affects the brain. So, if they see no bleeding or skull fractures, they assume the brain is fine.

However, a TBI can also be caused by the brain hitting itself against the inside of the skull, causing it to swell and even bleed without you knowing it. Concussions can also be caused by car accidents but have no visible effects.

Knee Injuries

The violence of the impact could make the knee hits the dashboard, which if left untreated can cause permanent mobility damage. These injuries often require X-rays to be identified, and victims can think at first they are just dealing with some mild pains. Over time, however, the pain can get more and more severe, and people may even not be able to rest on the leg at all.

Shoulder Injuries

Your seatbelt can save your life in a car accident, but it can also cause some shoulder issues you need to check out. In some cases, these injuries present with visible bruises that let you know something is wrong – but not always. It best to check your shoulder if the impact vas violent and you’re feeling some tension or discomfort in this area, even if it is manageable.

Emotional Injuries

Lastly, there are invisible injuries that affect your mind or your emotions. These injuries can either be directly triggered by the car accident, like PTSD or anxiety which can make your fearful of driving ever again, or can happen as a result of your injuries.

For instance, people who require extensive medical treatment after car accidents are prone to depression, especially if they know their condition may be permanent. It’s important never to ignore how you are feeling, and speak with a mental health professional as soon as possible.

Get Compensated for Your Injuries

Invisible or not, the law in Missouri says you are entitled to compensation for all the pain and suffering a car accident has caused, even treatment to address mental issues resulted from this event.

To make sure you are properly compensated, reach out to an experienced St. Louis car injury lawyer for assistance in filing the claim and negotiating the settlement. Give us a call 24/7 at (314) 361-4242 for a FREE case evaluation.

Updated: October 15, 2019