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4 Reasons “I Didn’t See You” Motorcycle Accidents Happen

Whenever motorcycle accidents occur, it is common to hear the driver of the other vehicle say, “I didn’t see you.” Here are some common reasons for this.

Motorcycles are involved in accidents for many reasons, including speeding and alcohol use. However, motorcycle accidents can also happen because a driver failed to see a motorcycle on the road. And when such an accident happens, you’ll likely hear the negligent driver say something in the lines of, “Sorry, I didn’t see you.” So why don’t drivers always see motorcyclists? Let’s discuss why these motorcycle accidents happen and how you can avoid them.

scene of a st. louis motorcycle accident

What Are the Common Causes of ‘I didn’t see you’ Accidents?

While all motorists are expected to use the road correctly and follow all traffic laws, it hardly happens. This explains the rising daily number of accidents. Here are common causes of these motorcycle wrecks:

1. A Driver May Look at You but Not See You

Most drivers are looking for other cars and trucks at intersections and junctions but forget about motorcycles. Unfortunately, such discriminatory attention is likely to result in an accident.

2. A Driver May Never Look at All

When a driver fails to look, they miss seeing you approaching and will likely drive into your way, resulting in a collision or a fall off.

3. A Driver Might Look, See You, but Ignore You

Some reckless drivers will turn in front of you (a motorcyclist) despite having seen you. They may assume that most motorcyclists speed, make loud noises, and recklessly changing lanes. And as a result, fail to drive safely around you.

4. A Driver Might Look, See You, but Forget

Considering how busy St Louis intersections are, a driver might see you but forget they had seen you seconds later. As a result, they may pull out of an intersection with no recollection of having seen you approaching, causing an accident.

How Do You Avoid These Accidents?

Preventing these accidents is no easy task. While you can control your actions, you cannot control the actions of car drivers. However, there are things you can do to minimize the risks of these accidents:

Never assume a driver has seen you. Instead, keep your distance and navigate the intersection or junction carefully.

  • Use your horn if you suspect a driver has not seen you. This will draw their attention.
  • Stay in your lane to increase your chances of being spotted.
  • Identify drivers’ blind spots and keep off them.
  • Wear reflective clothing that stands out. This will improve the visibility of drivers.

Pursuing Compensation

Being in a motorcycle accident can be devastating. The consequences can be anything from minor bruises to more serious injuries requiring extensive medical care. Fortunately, you can generally pursue compensation for your injuries and damages. However, compensation won’t be automatic; you’ll need to prove that the at-fault driver was negligent and is to blame for the accident and resulting damages.

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Updated: August 17, 2021