What to Do if You Are Injured in an Accident Involving a Rental Car

The aftermath of any car accident can certainly be stressful and confusing. Accidents involving a rental car can significantly add to that stress and confusion.

Accidents involving rental cars can be much more complex because it’s hard to establish who was at fault and who will pay for any injuries or property damages.

If you’re ever on the receiving end of an accident involving a rental, it’s only natural to wonder what to do next. Remember, you not only have to deal with the other driver, but you also have to settle matters with the rental company.

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Step 1: Collect Contact and Insurance Information

Note that although you had a car crash with a rental, your accident will still be treated like any other car accident in Missouri. So the first thing you should do is collect contact and insurance information. Because you’re dealing with a rental car, you’ll also have to get information about the car rental company.

Make sure that you get the driver’s insurance information, but if they don’t have it at hand, their name and contact info will suffice for now. The driver should also provide their rental insurance paperwork.

Step 2: Contact a Law Enforcement Officer

After collecting information, your next step should be to contact the authorities. The responding officer should arrive at the scene in good time to control the situation. The officer will document the accident in a police report.

Step 3: Assess the Rental Agreement Between the Driver and the Rental Company

You need to establish what kind of agreement the driver had with the rental company. It’s worth noting that no law requires rental companies to have rental insurance. As such, most rental companies provide the minimum liability insurance coverage required by the state as part of their agreement.

If the driver in the rental car had comprehensive insurance coverage, then their insurance policy is likely to cover any damages or injuries on your part. However, if the driver is underinsured, you can generally file a claim against the rental company.

Step 4: Call the Car Rental Company

Contact the car rental company and inform them of the accident. Avoid apologizing or saying anything that may be considered as admitting fault. Doing so may ruin your chances of getting fair compensation.

Step 4: Call a Reputable Personal Injury Lawyer

Next,  it is highly recommended that you speak with an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer to initiate your injury claim process. Navigating the complex field of insurance law can be difficult on your own. An experienced attorney can guide you through the process and help you combat the tactics insurance companies use to minimize or deny your claim.

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Updated: August 19, 2021