7 Common Types of Pedestrian Car Accidents in St. Louis, MO

While pedestrian-car accidents in St. Louis can take many forms, some are more common than others.

Overall, about 6,721 pedestrians were killed in road accidents in 2020, a 21% increase from 2019 and the highest number of pedestrian deaths in the U.S. since the 1970s. The number of pedestrian injuries was also over the roof. 

While pedestrian-car accidents can take many forms, some are more common than others. Some common types of pedestrian accidents include, but are not limited to, the following.

pedestrian crossing sign

Intersection Crashes

In most situations, drivers are at fault for intersection accidents. For example, a driver may think they have checked the intersection, pull out, only to hit you when crossing the street. Additionally, some reckless drivers may run a red light and end up hitting you in the process. 

Crosswalk Accidents

As a pedestrian, the crosswalk is the last place you’d expect to experience a car accident. Generally, drivers are supposed to stop and let pedestrians cross at every crosswalk. However, not all drivers are careful to double-check whether the crosswalks are clear. 

Dart/ Dash Accidents

These occur when a pedestrian gets into the path of an unsuspecting driver while trying to cross the street. Although most of these accidents happen due to pedestrian negligence, speeding drivers may also be at fault.

Work and Play Zone Accidents

Drivers have a responsibility to slow down when they enter work zones or residential areas. For example, when children are playing near a road, chances are they might run after a ball and be hit by a vehicle. An impatient driver might also lose control and run right into work zones and injure construction workers.

Backing-Up Accidents

These are common in parking lots. Missouri laws are clear; every driver should check their blind spot carefully when reversing. However, this does not mean you should let your guard down. As a pedestrian, you are also responsible for your safety. Therefore, watch for backing cars and trucks to avoid entering their path. 

Off-Road Accidents

A speeding vehicle may leave the road and hit you while standing or walking on the sidewalk. A drunk driver can also lose control of their vehicle, drive straight into a bus stop, and injure people.

Mailbox Accidents

A driver could also be in a hurry and hit you while checking your mailbox. In many cases, such drivers are either distracted or intoxicated.

Complex legal procedures and laws can overwhelm you when filing a pedestrian accident claim. Additionally, the insurance company may try to take advantage and pay you less than what you deserve. To combat these tactics, it is highly recommended that you speak with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney as soon as possible.

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Updated: October 29, 2021