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6 Surprisingly Common Missouri Boating Accidents

Let’s discuss six common types of boat accidents and how you can pursue compensation for injuries suffered from a boat accident.

Excessive speed, alcohol use, reckless boating, operator inattention, and inexperience are common reasons for boating accidents. Unfortunately, when these accidents occur, they often cause catastrophic injuries or, worse, death.

Sadly, boating accidents have been on the rise. In 2020 alone, 767 people were killed and 3,191 others injured in boat accidents in the country. Let’s review common types of boat accidents and how you can pursue compensation for injuries suffered from a boat accident.

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Crash with Other Water Vessels

Summer is a good time to go fishing and have fun on the water. However, boat operators may lose concentration and crash into other water vessels amidst all the excitement–distracted, inexperienced, drunk, or overly reckless. When this happens, you are likely to suffer severe injuries, given that there are no safety belts on boats.

Collision with a Fixed Object

It’s easy for boat operators to lose sight of objects around them and collide on piers or submerged rocks. Unfortunately, the impact of such a collision may throw you out of your boat and cause debilitating injuries.

Drowning Accidents

Unpredictable weather may ruin your boating experience. Powerful waves can hit your boat and make it overturn. As this happens so fast, you may panic and end up drowning.


While boats may be appealing on the outside, not all are mechanically fit for the deep water. For example, a leak in the boat will allow water to pour in, increasing the boat’s chances of sinking due to flooding. This increases your risk of drowning, especially if you don’t know how to swim.

Skiing Accidents

Water skiing can be fun. However, it has its fair share of risks. For example, if an inexperienced boater is pulling you, the odds of hitting the water at a bad angle are high and could leave you with serious injuries.

Falls Overboard

Unsecure seating and rowdy actions are the main causes why skiers, passengers, or even the boat operator fall off the vessel.

You can also fall off the boat due to rough weather or abrupt maneuvering. As a result, you may suffer trauma and other severe bodily injuries.

How Should You Proceed After a Missouri Boating Accident?

If you ever find yourself in a boating accident, it’s important to call for help right away. Immediate rescue can help save lives and reduce the severity of injuries. Then seek medical attention—don’t underestimate any accident as even minor accidents can get out of hand.

Once you are up and running, get in touch with a St. Louis accident attorney. Your attorney can help you pursue compensation for lost income, pain and suffering, and medical bills you may incur due to the accident.

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Updated: August 30, 2021