8 Types of Road Debris That Can Cause a St. Louis Car Accident

Familiarizing yourself with common road debris can go a long way in reducing your chances of getting involved in road debris-related crashes.

Between 2011 and 2014, it’s estimated that road debris was the contributing factor in more than 200,000 police-reported auto accidents. These accidents accounted for approximately 39,000 injuries and over 500 deaths.

Fortunately, familiarizing yourself with common road debris can go a long way in reducing your chances of getting involved in road debris-related crashes.

tire on the side of the highway

Common Types of Road Debris


Every day, stray dogs, cats, and feral wild animals are hit, run over, or flattened by passing vehicles. They are often left on the road, increasing the risk of road-debris-related accidents.

Automotive Parts

 It’s not uncommon to find blown-out tires, spare wheels, jack, mud flaps, and other parts of a vehicle scattered all over the highway. These parts can damage your car or injure you and other occupants in the car.

Roadside Debris

Construction work, vehicle breakdowns, and items left behind after road accidents are other common examples of roadside debris that can cause an accident.


Antifreeze or motor oil may leak from broken engines or faulty parts such as worn belts making the roads extremely slippery and hard to manoeuver.

Debris from Commercial Vehicle Explosions

Propane tanks, fuel drums, and large metal objects are common debris from commercial vehicle explosions and wrecks.

Road Construction Debris

Common road construction debris such as cones, barrels, or other tools and equipment mistakenly left behind by work crews can fly through the air and cut into a driver’s windshield, leading to an accident.

Rocks and Road Debris Caused by Roadwork

Road construction and repair projects tend to leave roads with rocks and potholes. This often causes lane closures and traffic jams which may disrupt drivers and lead to catastrophic accidents.

Unsecured Cargo

Unsecured large objects such as logs and hay bales on roadways can make you abruptly apply the brakes, and this can lead to a head-on accident, rear-end collision, rollover, or chain-reaction crash.

Who is Responsible for a Debris-Related Crash?

Some of the liable parties you can sue for a debris-related crash are:

  • A truck driver or passenger vehicle driver who had improperly secured their load that eventually fell off the road, leading to an accident.
  • The government entity responsible for road construction and maintenance.
  • The construction company that left potholes on the road or did not store their construction equipment and debris off the road.

Seeking compensation on your own can be complicated and stressful. It is generally helpful to have an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney by your side. An experienced attorney can help determine who is responsible for your accident and work to get you the full amount of compensation you are legally entitled to.

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Updated: September 20, 2021