Teens Prone to Dangerous Driving Habits

teen driving a car

Inexperience and a desire to seek excitement are two contributing factors that often lead to an auto accident involving a teenage driver. There is much excitement driving your first car, owning your first car, going on road trips with friends, and going on romantic drives. These are just some of the things teenagers look forward … Read more

Prescription Drugs Use a Leading Cause of St. Louis Car Accidents

drugged driving in ST. Louis

It is very important for both adults and teenagers to understand the risks associated with drugged driving. Preventing car accidents is the responsibility of everyone on the road. Each driver should be attentive and alert to what is happening on the road. Anything that causes driver distraction or affects the way the driver pays attention … Read more

Treating Neck Injuries After an Auto Accident

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Neck injuries, including whiplash, are among the most frequently reported car accident injuries. We have talked about neck injuries in our previous posts, so in this post, we will have a look at how to treat them. Our St. Louis whiplash attorneys will discuss the various treatment options available for common neck injuries resulting from … Read more