Can Technology Help Prevent St. Louis Car Accidents?

Recent technological advancements have helped contribute to safer driving and prevent car accidents.

The drastic advancements in the world of auto technology have undoubtedly made driving safer in many ways. This has helped minimize the rate of car accidents and the severity of car injuries.

Let’s consider some of the auto technological advancements that help make vehicles safer and reduce the odds of being involved in a traffic accident in Missouri.

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1. Automatic Emergency Braking System (AEB)

This safety feature can generally detect stopped or slow traffic and instantly apply brakes to prevent a collision. Research has shown that an automatic emergency braking system can minimize rear-end collisions by up to 27-50%.

However, it’s worth noting that not every car has this safety feature standard. Also, this feature is not foolproof and can sometimes fail to work as intended. To be safe, always stay alert when driving and ensure there’s a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.  

2. Backup Cameras

Also known as the rear video system, the backup cameras help drivers see other vehicles and people when parking and backing up their cars. This, in turn, helps reduce the odds of backup-related accidents.  

3. Blind Spot Detection

With the high rate of blind spot accidents, vehicle manufacturers have invented a blind spot detection system to prevent these types of collisions. The blind-spot detection feature offers you an additional set of eyes and notifies you when another vehicle enters your blind spot.

4. Forward Collision Systems (FCS)

A sudden deceleration by the vehicle in front of you or an unexpected lane change can lead to tragic rear-end collisions. This is where a forward collision system comes in handy. It notifies you of an impending collision with an indicator or audible alert to keep you safe.

Again, while this feature does a great job of helping prevent terrible rear-end accidents, it’s not foolproof. Therefore, it’s best to stay alert and keep a safe distance while on the road.

5. Autonomous Emergency Steering System

When driving, an obstacle may appear out of nowhere. In most cases, you may not have enough time to make up your mind on the best way to proceed, and a tragic accident may happen. An autonomous emergency steering system can automatically brake or steer your car to help prevent an accident.

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Updated: November 15, 2021