What Type of Doctors Should You See After a St. Louis Car Accident?

Seeking medical help after a St. Louis car accident will help you catch and treat injuries before they become more severe.

Getting involved in a car accident can be frightening and traumatizing. If you ever find yourself in a St. Louis car crash, you should seek medical attention—even if you have no noticeable pain or injury. Seeking medical help will help you catch and treat injuries before they become worse or even more expensive.  

However, what type of doctor should you see? Let’s consider a few doctors you should consider seeing after a car accident.

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Emergency Room Doctors

Any time you are injured in a car accident, you should consider going to the emergency room. ER doctors can deal with minor cuts, bruises and assess the extent of your injuries. 

When they ask about injured body parts, chances are you will tend to focus on the ones that are most painful. However, you should mention all painful parts to avoid complications, even if the pain is mild. Depending on your injuries, emergency room doctors may refer you to a specialist or your primary care physician. 

Primary Care Doctor (PCP)

A PCP is a medical professional who practices general medicine. They help diagnose and treat common medical conditions and injuries. Your primary care doctor will treat your visible injuries and should generally run tests to determine whether you have other underlying injuries. 

When at your PCP’s office, be sure to ask them to write a report detailing the type of injuries you’ve sustained and the necessary treatment. The medical report can help prove that your injuries resulted from the car accident and help the court understand the severity rate of your injuries. 

Medical Specialists

Your PCP may refer you to a specialist if they feel your injury needs advanced treatment. For example, if you have a brain injury, your PCP may refer you to a neurologist. And if they suspect you have a herniated disc, they may send you to an orthopedic surgeon for further test and treatment.

Regardless of the type of doctor you visit, make sure you adhere to your doctor’s advice for a quick and easy recovery. Most importantly, don’t miss any medical appointments, as doing so can hurt your injury claim. 

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