Driving in Wind – 6 Common Hazards That Could Cause an Auto Accident

One of the most dangerous weather conditions for driving is high winds. Here are six common hazards that result from driving in windy conditions.

st. louis driver driving in the wind

Although around 90% of all car crashes are caused fully or in part by human error, harsh weather conditions can also lead to accidents. One of the most dangerous weather conditions for driving is high winds. Below, we’ll discuss six ways high winds can make driving more dangerous. 

Lowered Visibility

The first way in which high winds can make driving more dangerous is lowered visibility. When wind speeds are high, debris can be picked up and tossed into the air. This debris can blind drivers and block their view of the road ahead, making it difficult to see obstacles or oncoming traffic. In some cases, drivers may have to pull over until the winds die down and it’s safe to continue driving. 

Reduced Vehicle Control and Performance

Another danger of high winds is that they can reduce your vehicle’s performance and control. For example, if you’re driving a smaller car, high winds can push it around on the road and make it difficult to steer in a straight line. In addition, strong gusts of wind can cause larger vehicles, such as trucks and buses, to tip over if they are not driven carefully.

Tossed Objects

High winds can also cause objects to be tossed into the road, posing a serious danger to drivers. These objects can include tree branches, garbage cans, loose gravel, and even other vehicles. If you are driving and see an object in the road, do not abruptly swerve around it, as this could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Instead, slow down and drive around the object if possible.

Power Outages

Another danger associated with high winds is power outages. While not directly related to driving, power outages can nonetheless create difficulties for drivers. For example, if a traffic light is out, drivers may not know who has the right of way. This can lead to confusion and accidents. In addition, power outages can also make it difficult to see at night, as streetlights will be out. This can be particularly dangerous for drivers who are already tired.  


Driving in high winds can be taxing both mentally and physically, as drivers must pay close attention to the road and use more effort to keep their vehicles under control. As a result, windy conditions can lead to driver fatigue, which increases the risk of accidents. 

Poor Road Conditions 

High winds can also damage pavements, making them uneven and potentially treacherous for drivers.

As you can see, windy conditions can make driving more dangerous than usual. Be sure to use extra caution when driving in high winds, and if possible, wait until the weather conditions improve before getting back on the road. 

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Updated: December 5, 2022