Is It Safe to Lay Down Your Motorcycle When About to Crash?

While these suggestions can help you avoid a motorcycle crash and injuries, it is always best to be alert and adhere to all safety measures.

As a motorcycle rider, chances are you’ve heard countless myths on how to avoid motorcycle injuries. One of the common notions is that laying down your bike when you are about to crash could prevent a severe collision. You may be wondering: how true is this? Is it really a helpful safety tip?

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The Truth

Stories of motorcyclists who escaped death by laying down their bikes may be very exciting. However, in most cases, these stories are exaggerated, and the rider won’t talk of the serious injuries they sustained. 

In truth, when a crashing motorcycle is laid down, its plastic parts or metal are in contact with the ground, making it extremely hard to stop. As a result, you could suffer severe brain injuries, spine fractures, road rash, broken limbs, or lacerations. 

Situations When Laying Down Your Motorcycle Was a Safety Tactic

When motorcycle technology was not developed, laying down a motorcycle was recommended as a safety tactic to avoid injuries. In those days, motorcycles had poor brakes that made it difficult to stop in time before a collision. Additionally, the poor maneuverability of old motorcycles made it challenging to swerve and avoid collisions. 

Now technology has advanced, and laying down may not be the safest alternative. Modern motorcycles are easy to steer, slow down, and control. In addition, they have improved maneuverability, enhanced brake capabilities, and ultra-high-performance tires, unlike in the early days. 

Instead of laying your motorcycle down, consider doing the following: 

  • Stay upright: The improved traction on the tires will provide friction and slow you down. Also, try to shift your body weight away from the handlebars to help move your bike’s center of gravity as you slow down. 
  • Brake quickly: Your reaction time might make the difference between life and death. You need to squeeze both brakes quickly. This will allow you to stop in the shortest time and could be enough to save you from a serious crash. 
  • Swerve: If you are swerving to avoid a potential crash, you need to do it right. Always ensure you’re not swerving into the path of another vehicle. And if the emergency requires both swerving and braking, apply one at a time. 

Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

While the above tactics can help you avoid a motorcycle crash and injuries, it would always help to be alert and adhere to all riding safety measures. Here are tips to help you stay safe on the road and avoid the risk of motorcycle accidents: 

  • Wear thick protective material such as gloves, long leather pants, boots, and eye protection. Gearing up can help reduce the severity of your injuries in case of a motorcycle crash.
  • Add reflective elements to your bike and clothing. Wear bright colors and always use your headlight when riding at night to enhance your visibility and allow other motorists to see you. 
  • Always put on your helmet, as it will go a long way in preventing traumatic brain injuries in case of a crash. 
  • Ride carefully. Check for blind spots, avoid distractions, and look out for other motorists. 

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Updated: September 30, 2021