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Sharing the road with heavy trucks has many potential dangers. Let’s discuss five of the most dangerous trucks on Missouri roads and how you can stay safe.

In 2019 alone, approximately 538,000 large trucks were involved in police-reported traffic crashes. These accidents claimed over 5,000 lives and left 159,000 people injured.

These statistics demonstrate the dangers of sharing the road with heavy trucks. Let’s discuss the five most dangerous trucks on Missouri roads to help you keep safe.

Extra Duty Trucks

These trucks are known to carry extremely heavy and oversized loads. Unfortunately, their sheer size and weight make them a tad difficult to control, especially in wet conditions. As such, the driver can be forced to make a sudden maneuver or slam on their brake, leading to catastrophic accidents. Even worse, the weighty loads may shift and fall, leading to severe injuries and damages.

Dump Trucks

Another type of dangerous truck is the dump truck. These trucks have a high center of gravity, making them prone to rolling over when traveling at high speed. In addition, these trucks have to back up and make numerous turns when making their trips. This results in significant increases in the risk of accidents and injuries.

Cement Trucks

It’s not uncommon for cement trucks to roll over. Unfortunately, the spinning drum and its higher gravity expose them to rollover accidents when making turns at high speed.

Also, like other large trucks, cement trucks have several blind spots, making it extremely dangerous to drive near them.

Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks transport valuable liquids and gasses across the country. However, they also pose significant dangers to drivers driving near them. In an accident, these liquids may spill and cause life-threatening skin injuries and damages to other road users.

Garbage Trucks

Yes, you read that right. The garbage trucks that you come across in your neighborhood are dangerous.  Here’s why:

  • Most garbage trucks have large tank-like bodies that present several blind spots. Therefore, if you’re driving near a garbage truck, be aware that the driver may not see you, and you may be involved in a fatal blind spot accident.
  • Garbage truck drivers make a lot of stops and turns during their operation. Therefore, driving near them might turn you into a rear-end or improper turn accident victim.
  • Garbage trucks carry heavy and unsteady loads, which may compromise their stability. Sadly, an overloaded or unstable load may fall onto your car and cause tragic injuries.

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Updated: June 7, 2022