Should I Represent Myself in a St. Louis Car Accident Case?

If you have suffered injuries from a car accident and the financial burdens that follow are worrying, you might be tempted to represent yourself in the case.

Some people do it to avoid paying attorney fees, while others feel that an attorney is simply not needed in their particular situation. 

While car accident victims can represent themselves, here is why it is usually not a good idea.

Handling a Car Accident Case Can Take a Lot of Your Time

The process of a car accident claim or a lawsuit is time-consuming. Assuming that you also suffered from personal injuries and you are currently recovering, the time you can invest in the legal proceedings can be very limited. 

Since the law requires certain steps to be followed strictly when filing a claim, it is best left to an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney. If your health condition worsens, you might not make the deadlines of filing a claim or be able to invest enough time in the process.

It’s Important to Know and Understand the Law

Some individuals may be familiar with the law and think that they could handle their own claims successfully. The issue is that laws change constantly, and unless you have direct knowledge about the updates, you might be surprised by unexpected factors in your claim.

Misunderstanding the law and insurance contracts is also a big mistake for many car accident victims who decide to represent themselves.

The Experience of an Attorney Can Greatly Influence Your Final Settlement 

An experienced St. Louis car accident attorney understands what generally works and what doesn’t. They have done it before. They are also familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies to pay victims less money and can protect you from them. 

Some car accident claims require a very specific approach to be successful. From negotiating medical payments to hiring expert witnesses, an attorney is more equipped to get you a higher settlement for your damages.

So the bottom line is, while you can represent yourself in a car accident case, it is generally not a good idea. Weigh your decision very carefully and only then decide if you have the knowledge and expertise to do this on your own, while you’re recovering from your injuries or dealing with other types of damage.

As we’ve discussed, representing yourself requires a good understanding of the law, knowing how to negotiate with the insurance company, and a lot of time for the legal proceedings. An experienced lawyer can take all of this burden off your shoulders. 

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Updated: December 4, 2020