St. Louis Car Accidents Involving Joggers

These tips can help you stay safe while jogging and help prevent St. Louis car accidents involving pedestrians.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced jogger, staying safe while running is essential. Thousands of pedestrians, including joggers and runners, are injured or killed yearly in traffic accidents. In 2020, for example, there were an estimated 104,000 ER visits for non-fatal car accident injuries for pedestrians. It’s also estimated that one in six car accident victims who lost their lives in 2020 were pedestrians.

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st. louis jogger running on the road

If you jog regularly, here are some tips to help you avoid pedestrian accidents. 

Avoiding Car Accidents as a Jogger

Stay On Designated Paths or Sidewalks

When out for a run or jog, it’s essential to stick to designated paths or sidewalks. Not only does this keep you away from traffic, but it also gives you more visibility when crossing roads or intersections. This will make it easier for drivers to see you.

Wear Bright Or Reflective Clothing

Wear bright or reflective clothing if you plan on running at night or in low-light conditions. This will maximize your visibility and make it easier for drivers to see you coming down the road. 

Follow Road Laws And Obey Signals

Make sure you’re following all traffic signals and laws when jogging. Always look both ways before crossing a street, and obey all stop signs and lights.

Run Against the Flow of Traffic

In addition to following traffic laws, it’s also crucial for joggers to run against the flow of traffic (i.e., facing traffic). This helps ensure that drivers can easily spot you as they approach so they can adjust their speed accordingly if needed. 

Stay Alert and Avoid Distractions

Remain alert while jogging. Listening to music or using headphones can be dangerous because they limit your ability to hear traffic or other potential hazards in your immediate vicinity. If you decide to use headphones, ensure the volume is low enough to hear cars, trucks, and other people in your area. Additionally, avoid looking at your phone while running, as this can distract you from any possible dangers nearby. 

St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer

With these tips in mind, joggers should be able to stay safe while out on their runs! That said, it’s worth noting that these tips are not foolproof, and accidents can still happen despite our best efforts. If you have been injured in a pedestrian car accident, and are looking for an attorney to help you pursue your rightful compensation, contact The Hoffman Law Firm. Our St. Louis car accident attorneys have over 25 years of helping car accident victims, including those involved in pedestrian accidents.

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Updated: June 15, 2023