Top 3 Causes of Automobile Accidents in Missouri

Driving is a daily activity for many Missourians. However, for some, it can unfortunately result in a tragic car accident.

missouri automobile involved in an accident

According to the latest data offered by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, there were 47,977 car accidents in the entire state, 766 of which had fatalities.

When you break down the data, you’ll see there are three very common reasons for why a simple drive may result in a car accident. If you’ve been the victim of one, it is important to contact a St. Louis car accident lawyer as soon as possible to ensure your legal rights are protected.


21.2% of fatal crashes and 27.2% of total crashes are caused by driver inattention. There are many distractions you can encounter on the road, but the widespread use of mobile devices is often the most common element that can make drivers take their eyes off the road.

It’s not just talking on the phone while behind the wheel that’s a problem. People sometimes bend to pick up a dropped phone, check a notification, or even video-call friends or families. You may just think that 2 seconds of looking at your phone won’t do much different, but even if you are distracted for a moment, you are effectively not in control of the car.

Driving Under the Influence

Drunk driving only accounts for 4.2% of total car crashes, but it’s the reason why 25.1% of total accidents end up fatal, making it the second most deadly cause of vehicle collisions.

Drunk driving is illegal in every state, yet statistically, it seems that many people still get behind the wheel even after they’ve consumed alcohol. Under the influence, your reflexes aren’t as sharp, and you are unable to make quick decisions. This can either make you cause an accident because of a driving mistake or render you unable to appropriately react if an accident ensues on the road.


Speeding is, by far, the most common cause for car accidents in Missouri, and the most deadly. It accounts for 28% of total crashes, and a staggering 37.8% of fatal crashes.

The data combines two different events related to speeding. One is exceeding the speed limit. Many drivers admit to driving over the legal limit even as much as 15mph over on a freeway, and 10mph over in a residential area.

The second refers to driving too fast when the weather conditions are adverse. Many drivers will simply drive too fast even when there’s heavy rain or snow, which makes it easy for the wheels to slip and lose control of the vehicle.

Be careful when you’re behind the wheel. Even if you think of it as a routine task, one small driving mistake could have severe repercussions.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a St. Louis car accident lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you are legally entitled to. Give us a call 24/7 at (314) 361-4242 for a FREE case evaluation.

Updated: August 27, 2019