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“What if I Didn’t Exchange Insurance Information With the Other Driver?”

Can you still get compensated if you didn’t exchange insurance information at the scene of the crash? 

Imagine you were on your way to work when another driver failed to give you the right of way and crashed into you. The damage was minor (just a small dent), and you were feeling fine, so you decided to go about your day without exchanging insurance information. You did, however, exchange contact details just in case something might change. 

two st. louis men exchanging insurance information after car accident

A few days later, you start noticing some neck pain and stiffness. Your head hurts, and you’re also getting these weird muscle spasms in your shoulders and arms. You go to a doctor and are diagnosed with whiplash

You call the at-fault driver and tell him about the diagnosis, but he now claims that your condition has nothing to do with the accident.

What can you do? Can you still get compensated if you didn’t exchange insurance information at the scene of the crash? 

Speak With a Car Accident Attorney

If the other driver refuses to pay for your injuries or damages, the next thing you should do is get in contact with an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney

Usually, when it comes to car accidents with minor damages or injuries, you can file a lawsuit in a small claims court by yourself. But, since the at-fault driver’s insurance company may use many tricks to stall your claim and bother you with a lot of unnecessary paperwork, it’s better to have a lawyer on your side. 

More than this, in Missouri, the burden of proof falls on the victim of the accident. If you didn’t exchange insurance information or call the police at the accident scene, collecting hard evidence may be quite a challenging task. An experienced lawyer, however, will know how to build a strong case and make compelling arguments. They might, for example, use expert witnesses to support your claim. 

File a Claim with Your Insurance Company 

Another option would be to file a claim with your insurance company and pay for the damages or the cost of medical bills. Keep in mind that your insurance provider might also try to minimize your claim or even deny it. A lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure that you will get a fair settlement.

The Lesson: Always Exchange Insurance Information

Fender benders are often more of a nuisance than anything else. However, even if the apparent damage is insignificant and you feel fine, it’s still wise to exchange insurance information, schedule an appointment with your doctor, and speak with a St. Louis car accident lawyer to discuss your case and ensure your rights are protected.

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Updated: December 28, 2020