Back and Neck Pain After a Rear End Collision

The impact of a car accident can have a great negative effect on the neck and back.

Both of these areas are crucial, yet very sensitive to force or sudden movement. When your car gets hit, the moment of the impact causes everything inside the vehicle, including yourself, to move. However, because there is no room inside the vehicle to move, that can mean extra pressure is put on your neck and back.

st. louis man with neck pain

You may experience some pain in these areas immediately after the collision. If you do, it’s imperative to seek treatment as soon as possible.

The First Step

The first thing you need to do after a car crash is getting medically checked. Even if you don’t think you got injured, it’s best to let a doctor see you and determine your medical condition. Some injuries may not show any immediate signs, and you won’t begin to feel any pain until some time has passed since the accident.

This is exactly what happens in the case of whiplash, which often affects the neck and spine. Unfortunately, if left untreated, these injuries can cause even more issues in the future.

While the signs of whiplash can differ from patient to patient, some common symptoms include:

  • Dizziness;
  • Fatigue;
  • Nausea;
  • Stomach issues;
  • Concussion.

It’s vital to know these signs and identify them as whiplash as soon as they first appear. Sometimes, they can appear even a few weeks after the collision, but once they show, the pain will not go away on its own. If left untreated, the pains are known to grow stronger, to the point where it can become unbearable. An initial doctor’s visit after the collision could potentially save you from this scenario.

File a Compensation Claim

Because these injuries appear after the accident, many people can experience difficulties in getting compensated for their treatment. The insurance company may claim that your neck or back pain could have been caused (or worsened) by some other event in your life.

However, if you work together with a St. Louis car accident lawyer, you can build a strong case and successfully get sufficient damages to cover the cost of your medical treatment.

Essentially, you will have to link your injuries directly to the car accident and show that the other driver is responsible for them. Because the injuries only appear long after the collision, this may complicate things, but a good lawyer could handle it successfully.

Speak With an Attorney

Neck and lower back injuries aren’t just issues that affect your physical health – they often take a toll on your personal life, relationships with family and friends, and your overall quality of life. If these injuries were the results of a car accident where you were the victim, then you may be entitled to compensation for damages. Reach out to a St. Louis car accident lawyer to discuss your next steps. Give us a call today at (314) 361-4242 for a FREE consultation.

Updated: August 26, 2020