What is Causing Lower Back Pain After Car Accident?

Three major causes of lower back pain after a car accident include damaged spinal discs, muscle strains and sprains, and an injured spinal cord.

Depending on the impact of your car crash, you may experience lower back pain immediately or days later. That’s why it’s important to seek medical attention immediately after a car crash – even if the pain you are experiencing seems negligible. If left untreated, minor injuries or pain could turn into major injuries down the road. This article will explore three major causes of lower back pain in the aftermath of an auto crash.

woman with lower back pain after car accident

Back Pain as a Result of Damaged Spinal Discs

Spinal discs are spongy circular-shaped cartilages responsible for spine stability, and they also make movement possible by offering the vertebrae ‘pivot points‘. Your discs can withstand intense pressure. However, extreme levels of pressure can cause the inner jelly-like substance to push against the outer ring of your disc, triggering back pain and nerve symptoms. The pain can be excruciating. 

Back Pain as a Result of Muscle Strains and Sprains

Your lower back derives its support from soft tissues: ligaments, tendons, and muscles. These soft tissues cover your entire back from the shoulders to the tailbone. These tissues are delicate and can be damaged when subjected to extreme pressure. Depending on the severity of the injury, the strained tissues can take weeks or months to recover. 

Injured Spinal Cord

A high-velocity car accident can likely cause spinal cord damage. A damaged spinal cord can lead to irreversible health conditions, including chronic pain, partial or total paralysis, blood clots, and spinal fluid leaks

What to Do If You Have Back Pain After a Car Accident

If your back starts hurting after an accident, don’t ignore it. The injury and pain may get worse as time passes. Seek medical help immediately.

Not only is seeking medical attention important for the sake of your health, but it also helps protect your claim. Insurance companies will often argue that your back pain was not caused by the auto accident. In such a situation, your doctor’s report will help play an important role in proving that the car accident caused your back pain and injuries.

In addition to seeing a doctor right away, it is highly recommended that you speak with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney as soon as possible. We can’t emphasize this enough: resist the urge to talk to your insurance provider without a lawyer. Any statements you make could be used against you. Also, during this period, make sure you follow your doctor’s advice.

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Updated: June 28, 2021