3 Possible Causes of Hip Pain After a Car Accident

Some of the most common car accident injuries to the hip include dislocation, bursitis, and bone fractures. Here’s what to do if you experience hip pain after a car accident.

Your hip is the joint bearing the most weight in your body, so anything affecting it will influence your comfort, quality of life, and mobility. For example, being in a car accident can cause unexpected injuries and aggravate pre-existing ones. So if you start noticing hip pain after being in one, it’s important that you seek medical attention.

As a side note, since not all injuries show signs immediately, you should see a doctor even if you are experiencing minor bruises or cuts or no symptoms at all. It’s also essential to get in touch with a St. Louis auto accident lawyer as soon as possible as they can give you legal advice, help you build your case, and fight to get you fair compensation. 

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Possible Causes of Hip Pain after Auto Crash

Some of the most common car accident injuries to the hip include the following:

  1. Dislocation: the forces involved in a car accident and the position of your body when in a vehicle can lead to unlikely injuries, such as hip dislocation. This can be very painful, but it might take less time than expected and may not require surgery to recover completely from it. 
  1. Bursitis: blunt trauma or unnatural stretching of the hip can cause inflammation and irritation in the hip joint, a condition called bursitis. Treatment may involve injections with corticosteroid injections, aspirations to drain the liquid in the bursa, topical medication, resting, etc. 
  1. Fractures: some of the most serious injuries in a car accident are bone fractures, and they are often an emergency, so call 911 if you suspect you have one. Fractures in the hip joint can be extremely painful and might take a long time to heal. Many causes require surgery to realign the bones and keep them together with the help of screws, metal rods, etc. 

These three possible scenarios are some of the most common ones, but you can also feel pain because of soft tissue injuries, injuries to the back that make the pain radiate through your main nerves, etc. Because the hip pain is such a big joint and is relatively hard to access for treatment or to immobilize, any injuries or pain in the area should be treated as a potentially serious injury. 

Getting the Treatment You Need & The Compensation You Deserve

To prevent long-term complications to your hips, see a doctor as soon as possible if you notice pain in the hip following a car accident. You might need surgery, chiropractor sessions, physiotherapy, medication, and time off work.

To cover all these expenses and lost wages, we recommend speaking with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help protect your legal right to compensation and provide you with peace of mind as you recover from your injuries.

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Updated: June 15, 2021