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Some St. Louis car accident victims have suffered physical and psychological trauma, making it impossible to work.

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Car accidents are not usually the reason that people file for disability. The aftermath and the repercussions are the reasons that people file. Some have suffered physical and psychological trauma, making it impossible to work. While they may not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance because the injuries are not going to incapacity them for more than 12 months, they will be able to get something. Individual and group long-term disability policies generally cover the precise disability due to car accidents. These include health issues like whiplash, broken bones, and other diagnoses. While broken limbs are painful, they do not typically keep most people out of work for more than a year. Those bones will heal.

Whiplash and Neck Injuries

Whiplash and neck pain are the pair of most common injuries in a car accident. Many people who have been in an accident do not even know that they have suffered from it. The side effects can take some time to become evident. Whiplash affects 1 in 5 people long-term. They generally must be living with pain for around a year to be considered chronic.

Whiplash often causes sleep deprivation, forgetfulness, blurry vision, ringing in the ears, and extreme fatigue. These symptoms may make it hard to concentrate or work. Therefore preparing and filing a disability claim becomes important if a person happens to have these symptoms. Claims examiners are trained to be skeptical, especially of those claiming that they have a debilitating whiplash condition. Therefore it is imperative to have supporting medical documentation to support a claim and to prove that the condition is a real injury. It is also important to consider that whiplash can worsen, so following a physician’s guidelines is imperative. If ignored, the increase of long-lasting complications will be almost inevitable.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are common and are too often left to be diagnosed long after the accident. There are, in fact, three general types of back injuries. In some cases, cervical vertebrae injuries are common and much like whiplash. Lumbar spine injuries are painful, and while not always the most severe, the pain can still be debilitating. Thoracic spine injuries are often the most severe in an auto accident. These injuries involve the upper back and are connected to the ribs and chest region. They are usually caused by high-speed collisions and can result in permanent nerve damage. In fact, no matter what part of your back is experiencing pain, it is still important to understand that there can still be a disc herniation, and this can happen suddenly. When it does, it will cause intense pressure and pain until it is resolved. Back claims are another area that insurance adjusters are trained to be extremely skeptical. Again, documentation of your injuries is crucial.

Broken Bones

Broken bones and fractures are common too. While most heal without any long-lasting injury, other complications can affect a claimant’s ability to work right after the fracture. There may be soft tissue injuries or other pain. There may be blood clots or Chronic Pain Syndrome. These are major issues that arise from a broken limb. These conditions may only allow for short-term leave at most workplaces. With these injures, some believe that working less strenuously is still an option.

While this may seem like the thing to do, it is not advisable. Car accidents in America often cause PTSD and depression.  Some develop an anxiety disorder from their pain, and these go hand in hand with PTSD after a car crash. Those who have been in the midst of an attack know that it can be crippling. However, insurance companies are very, very good at developing reasons to deny this.

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