How Construction Sites Can Be Dangerous for St. Louis Drivers

The dangers that drivers face every time they are on the streets are numerous. Among them, construction sites are perhaps some of the most hazardous. That’s why driving cautiously is so important.

Here is how a construction site can be hazardous for drivers.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Practice Safe Driving Around Construction Sites

It’s obvious that road construction sites reduce the space used by drivers to move around, often redirecting traffic through narrow lanes that overlap when going around the construction site. If the construction site is not signaled correctly or if the driver ignores or misses the signs that warn about a construction zone ahead, disasters can happen.

Workers on road construction sites are exposed to traffic dangers and often fall victim to speeding or reckless drivers. Drivers and passengers often get hurt themselves when crashing with construction vehicles or other objects on a construction site, or when driving off the road trying to avoid them.

Rear bumping is also very probable if drivers do not increase the distance to the car ahead when driving through a construction zone. These are often minor accidents, but the damage caused by a minor crash is not easy on your wallet either.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, the most fatal crashes occur in areas with speed limits higher than 50mph, and during the summer or fall months.

How to Prevent Accidents While Driving Through “Cone Zones”

The good news about accidents related to construction zones is that the vast majority of them are preventable. Here is what you can do to drive safely through cone zones:

  • Limit your speed below the maximum allowed speed
  • Follow the instructions on the road signs that signal a construction site, from the very first moment you see them
  • Avoid going through construction zones if possible. There are several traffic apps that show you real-time events and alternative routes
  • Follow instructions from construction workers when they are redirecting traffic
  • Increase the distance between you and other cars
  • Avoid changing lanes or do so after signaling in a timely manner
  • Watch out for drivers who may not practice cautious driving

Preventing accidents in construction zones doesn’t take much effort from your part. All you have to do is follow the warning signs and traffic laws closely, and mind the other participants to traffic. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore these common-sense rules and that leads to worrying statistics each year. If drivers would take these statistics into account, we would probably have fewer casualties, injuries and property damage from construction site accidents.

Were You Injured?

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