How Driving With Your Pet Can Result in an Auto Accident

Pets can be a danger for drivers traveling with them, as they obviously won’t be aware of the danger of distracting their owner.

The image of a dog traveling with its owner in the car and happily sticking its head out of the window and its tongue out is a common view around the world. Unfortunately, it’s one of the things that cannot only put in danger the beloved companion, but also its owner and others on the road.

Taking your pet with you in the car while driving is often inevitable. Whether you are taking your dog with you on vacation, your cat to the vet, or just bought a pet bird that you are bringing home your children, you likely have a good reason for taking them with you. However, regardless of your reasons, you should always make sure that the trip will be safe for everyone. 

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How to Properly Restrain Your Pets During Travel?

Even though Missouri state law does not require you specifically to restrain your dog during driving, it is highly recommended that you do it, as it protects the pet’s life and prevents it from distracting you and causing an accident.

The method of restraining depends a lot on the pet and its size

Travel Crates

They are often recommended as the safest method of transporting a pet and the least stressful for them. Using a crate that is fit for the size of your pet is important, so is providing comfort for them. Use a blanket or toy that the pet has used and is marked with its scent, provide food and water, and get the pet used to the crate before any travel.

Car Barriers for Pets

Any person who has traveled with their dog in the back seat knows that they can get agitated and distracting. To prevent the dog from jumping on the front seats and causing an accident, you can install a barrier made of mesh or other material that can keep the pet in the back of the car. For big dog owners, there are also solutions for keeping them in at the rear compartment of the car, separated by a solid metal net. 


Another system that can work for dogs is a harness that can be secured in the back seat. It will prevent the pet from jumping on the front seats and it also protects it in case there is a sudden stop or a collision. 

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Pets Secure While Driving

Pets can be a danger for drivers traveling with them, as they obviously won’t be aware of the danger of distracting their owner. They can try to escape from the car, make loud noises, and move around the car, which can all be very dangerous for themselves and for drivers. 

Make sure your pet’s life is safe in your car, and that you can drive responsibly while enjoying their company. 

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Updated: August 19, 2020