Stay Safe This Halloween: 6 Car Accident Statistics That You Should Know

In the US, trick-or-treat is a beloved tradition each year. Unfortunately, it also increases the likelihood of car accidents, as these six statistics show.

Halloween is a holiday many children and parents eagerly anticipate. It is an exciting time to dress up and go trick-or-treating in your neighborhood. While you might be busy with the preparations, making or buying the costumes, and decorating your house and lawn, it is important to also take some time to go through car accident statistics collected on Halloween, as they provide a sobering view of the dangers you may be exposed to.

In the US, trick-or-treat is a beloved tradition each year. Unfortunately, it also increases the likelihood of car accidents, as these six statistics show.

group of st. louis children trick or treating on halloween

Around 41 Million Children Will Go Trick-or-Treating This Year

With such a considerable number of children going out on the streets after dark, the likelihood of car accidents increases exponentially. Car drivers should be extra careful when driving around, act preventively, and be aware of pedestrians.

70% of the Children Go Trick-or-Treating Unattended

Halloween is supposed to be fun and safe for the kids, and many of them wouldn’t like to be accompanied by adults on their fun night together. Many parents are relaxed when letting their kids out and decide to let them go on their own. This, unfortunately, exposes children to risks that they are not able to manage on their own.

Children Are Three Times as Likely to Be Killed in a Car Accident on Halloween Night

This sobering statistic should convince parents that car safety must be discussed before Halloween. Children should be educated about the risks they are exposed to when going trick-or-treating. 

82% of Children’s Costumes Don’t Have Reflective Elements

There are so many interesting costume ideas for Halloween that it’s hard to decide what to choose and how to improvise your outfit for the night. Kids will have many ideas on how their Halloween costumes should be, and they often select dark outfits to reflect the theme of the holiday. Parents should consider adding reflective elements to the kids’ costumes because otherwise, they will be tough to spot in the darkness by drivers.

65% of Parents Don’t Talk about Halloween Safety with Their Kids

Many parents are relaxed about letting their kids go alone on Halloween, and they dearly remember their own experiences as children. Unfortunately, this can give parents a false sense of security and make them skip a discussion about safety with their kids. 

52% of Car Accidents on Halloween Involve the Consumption of Alcohol

Halloween is not only an excellent experience for children who go trick-or-treating but also a chance for adults to dress up and go party. Nearly every city has Halloween-themed parties in clubs, bars, and pubs, and people often consume a lot of alcohol. This statistic reveals how dangerous it is to be on the streets on Halloween night. 

Remember these six statistics before this year’s Halloween and make sure to take every preventive measure you can, to enjoy it safely and responsibly. If your child gets hurt in a car accident, speak with an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer as soon as possible to ensure the rights of your child are protected.

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Updated: October 28, 2021