Summer Driving Safety Tips

The Summer can be a dangerous time to be on the road in St. Louis. The traffic gets thicker, vacationers are everywhere, and the heat picks up.

summer driving safety tips

For many people, Summer is their favorite time if the year. The weather is excellent, it’s vacation season, and there’s a certain carefree vibe in the air. Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous time of year to drive. This seems counter intuitive, given that the winter features icy roads, but the statistics back it up. The primary reasons for this are increased pedestrians and increased traffic congestion. If you end up in a Summer car accident, it is best to speak with a St. Louis auto accident attorney. That being said, if you follow our safety tips, you will significantly increase your chances of avoiding an accident and having a safe Summer.

Stay up to Date on Vehicle Maintenance

Whether you’re staying in the city or taking a long road trip, you will want your vehicle in tip-top shape for the Summer. You can ensure this by taking it in for a maintenance checkup. Your mechanic will let you know if you need new tires, brakes, fluids, or anything else.

Be Wary of the Heat

If you park your car in the sun, it’s going to become incredibly hot. For your own comfort, you should consider getting a sun shield. You should also never leave a pet or child unattended in your car. It will get very hot very fast and have dire consequences.

Block the Glare

When the sun is shining brightly, it can adversely affect vision. The best way to ward this off is with an effective pair of sunglasses. For the best performance, opt for a polarized lens.

Be Safe When Packing

When packing your car, make sure you mind two factors: Weight and visibility. If your car is too heavy, it might have a harder time stopping quickly, which could lead to a crash. If you pack your car too tight, you could block your vision and end up not seeing something you otherwise would have.

Manage Allergies

Allergies can lead to eye-watering, sneezing, and a general drop in alertness. The most extreme cases are similar to having a low blood alcohol level. Stay safe by always having your preferred allergy medication handy.

Beware of Summer Rains

The slickest road conditions come when it rains for the first time in a while. There is a lot of dirt and oil buildup on the roads, and when the water comes, they are very slick for the first thirty minutes or so. When a summer rain starts, drive slowly or not at all.

Be Responsible When Sharing the Road

Summer means increased motorcyclists, bikers, road work, and pedestrians. To keep yourself and others safe, always be alert and minimize distractions.

The Summer can be a dangerous time to be on the road in St. Louis. The traffic gets thicker, vacationers are everywhere, and the heat picks up. The best way to avoid accidents is by driving defensively and following the tips we outlined above. If you do end up in a crash, don’t panic. Call a St. Louis car accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

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