Car Accident Due to Weather

bad weather on missouri highway

It’s estimated that bad weather contributes to roughly 21% of all car accidents. According to recent research, roughly 5,891,000 car accidents occur annually in the US. While some of these are due to factors like driver error or mechanical problems, weather conditions are often a major contributing factor. In fact, it’s estimated that bad weather … Read more

Who Is at Fault for a St. Louis Car Accident in Bad Weather?

st louis weather related accident

If you’ve been involved in a bad weather car accident, you may be wondering how this affects fault and negligence in your case. Like many other cities in the Midwest, St. Louis is often subject to seriously inclement weather that can affect driving conditions, such as powerful summer storms, fog in the autumn and spring, … Read more

Fall Driving Tips

fall weather in st. louis

The holiday season in quick approaching. Take note of these fall driving safety tips before you take to the roads! With the air becoming crisp and the leaves changing their color, the signs are clear that the holiday season is quickly approaching. Many enjoy this season by taking long, relaxing drives with their loved ones. … Read more