The Dangers of Not Wearing Your Seat Belt

Car accidents can occur anytime, anywhere. Missouri sees a fair share of car accidents, and many people get injured and lose their lives in these accidents. In Missouri, car accidents occur for various reasons, including the negligence or recklessness of one or more drivers. Regardless of the cause of the accident, the resulting injuries can be life-changing. There is a strong link between the failure to wear a seat belt and many serious injuries and fatalities resulting from car accidents.

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According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, six out of 10 Missourians killed in traffic crashes are not wearing their safety belts. In fact, traffic accidents are among the most common causes of fatalities for those aged 30 and less in the US. In Missouri, people in the age group of 21-34 years are at the biggest risk of death from car accidents.

Recent statistics indicate that the rate of seat belt usage lags behind the national average. In fact, in 2019 around 87 percent of Missouri drivers use seat belts, while the national average was around 90 percent. If drivers and passengers used the restraint systems and strapped their children into appropriate boosters and car seats, the number of serious injuries and fatalities could be reduced significantly.

Most of us believe that winters are often a dangerous time to be on the roads because of poor weather conditions such as fog, snow, and ice. However, summertime has its dangers as well. Safety often depends on the drivers’ and passengers’ actions because it is often the negligence of a driver that directly causes a car accident and the resulting damages. Therefore, it is important to follow all traffic rules while driving, including wearing your seat belt at all times.

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Updated: February 25, 2021