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The Risk of Developing PTSD After a St. Louis Car Crash

PTSD is a complex mental health disorder, and showing, beyond a doubt, that a car accident is the main cause of it may be difficult.

Around 7-8 out of every 100 people will suffer from PTSD at one point in their lives. One of the potential causes of PTSD is car accidents, as these events are, by definition, traumatic.

PTSD and other mental health disorders don’t follow the same pattern as physical injuries, which are usually quite apparent right after the collision takes place. Some car accident victims may start feeling the true emotional toll of the accident months after the crash. What are their chances of getting compensated then?


Mental Health and Car Accident Claims

PTSD is a complex mental health disorder, and showing, beyond a doubt, that a car accident is the main cause of it may be difficult.

In a car accident claim, it’s the burden of the person filing it (the victim) to not only show the other driver is liable, but also demonstrate the link between their injuries and the car accident. In cases involving physical injuries, this is generally easier to do, as you can have a lot of evidence to back up your claim, such as photos of your injuries taken right after the collision.

However, you can’t see mental health disorders like PTSD. Moreover, it is well known that such disorders may have more than one cause, such as:

  • Family mental health history
  • History of drug abuse or drug use
  • Medical history
  • Other traumatic experiences the person may have gone through.

Additionally, since your symptoms of PTSD and diagnoses will only come months after the collision, the time frame in between these two points may come into question.

You will be asked to detail any events you’ve gone through after the accident. If anything may be considered traumatic, such as the death of a loved one, an argument can be made that the car crash is not the sole cause of your PTSD. This may give the insurance company enough proof to dismiss your claim or offer a lower settlement.

Speak With a Car Accident Attorney

Proving the crash leads to PTSD is difficult, but far from impossible. If you work with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney, they can build a strong case in your favor, and help you get compensated for all the pain and suffering you’ve accumulated because of the crash, including PTSD treatment.

Here, a lawyer may need to gather physical evidence that shows the at-fault driver is liable, bring forward your medical history, and perhaps even recommend a psychiatric evaluation to show that your condition is indeed linked to the crash.

Cases involved PTSD and other mental health conditions are some of the most complex, but that should never deter you from filing a claim and getting what’s rightfully yours. To get a better sense of how you should proceed with your claim, speak with our experienced legal team for a FREE case evaluation.

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Updated: July 9, 2020