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What Doctor Should You See After a St. Louis Car Accident?

No matter what is visible after the accident, or how fine you feel, it’s essential to seek medical attention after a car accident.

Car accidents can leave you with anything from a few minor bruises to serious life-threatening conditions. No matter what is visible after the accident, or how fine you feel, it’s essential to get to a doctor right after the incident takes place. Both for your health, and to secure your chances of getting compensated.

However, you may be wondering what kind of doctor you should see. Maybe you’ve heard somewhere that your primary physician may not be the right medical expert to treat your car accident wounds.

Here’s how to determine what kind of doctor you need.

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What’s Your State Right After the Accident?

Car accident severity can differ, which also means your medical needs may range between immediate to not so immediate.

The first thing you need to do is quickly check your body to see if there is anything severe that may require urgent care, such as a fracture, bleedings, or bruises that appear right after impact (these may be signs of internal bleeding). 

If there is something visibly wrong, then you should go to an emergency room doctor for immediate attention, or call 911 and go to the hospital via ambulance. Emergency room doctors have experience in dealing with car accident victims and will be able to treat your injuries, then recommend what type of specialist to see next if needed.

Additionally, if you’ve hit your head or neck and feel sore, even if there is nothing visibly wrong, these may be signs of a brain injury, and you should treat it right away.

What If You Don’t Feel or See Anything?

If your condition seems fine and you don’t need immediate care, you should at the very least make an appointment with your primary physician as soon as possible. Some injuries are harder to detect at first and may get worse over time if left unchecked.

Call your primary physician and tell them you’ve been in a car accident and want to have a check-up. It’s really important to tell them about the car accident because your primary physician may not be able to treat your car accident injuries.

If they lack this kind of experience, this can even hurt your insurance claim, as you’ll rely on your doctor’s help when trying to recover pain and suffering from the at-fault driver.

Your doctor may be able to recommend another doctor to take you in if they are not able to treat you. 

Once you get checked up, it’s possible to need to see additional specialists, depending on your condition. The doctor will make the appropriate recommendations based on your condition.

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Updated: July 24, 2020