Car Accident Liability Involving Intoxicated Drivers

car keys and beer

Intoxicated driving often leads to unfortunate situations because the driver is not able to keep control of the vehicle as they would while sober. Drunk driving is a criminal offense in Missouri. Those who are found guilty of it can face some fairly harsh consequences, from fines to time spent in jail, and even license … Read more

Updated: July 12, 2021

St. Louis Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

pedestrian hit by a car

Of all the types of crashes that happen on the roads of St. Louis, pedestrians accidents are among the most tragic. The reason is that pedestrians have no protection, and are frequently severely injured or killed. If you or a loved one ever get into one of these accidents, it is a good idea to … Read more

Updated: December 19, 2021

St. Louis Wrong Way Car Crash

wrong way car crash st. louis

Some of the most dangerous accidents that take place on the streets and highways of St. Louis are wrong-way collisions. When a wrong way car crash happens, both vehicles almost always experience severe damage, and often one or both of the drivers will be injured. If this ever happens to you, it is an excellent … Read more

Updated: July 12, 2021

The Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

the most common causes of car accidents

While a fair amount of St. Louis car accidents happen due to strange circumstances, the vast majority happen because of a specific set of common causes. Understanding those causes can do two things for you. First, you can avoid those behaviors yourself, which will significantly decrease your risk of getting into an accident. Second, you … Read more

Updated: September 13, 2021

Missouri DWI Laws

alcoholic drink next to car keys

To try to curb the high percentage of accidents that happen due to drinking and driving – especially with underage drinking – Missouri has enacted what are called “Zero Tolerance” laws. In Missouri, obtaining a driver’s license is not a right but a privilege. With that privilege come some expectations of drivers’ behavior for when … Read more

Updated: December 3, 2018